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Where do I stand?

It's complicated.  What issue, how long, how much, how good, how bad, how old, how young, who what and when?  It all depends.

But depends on what?  Mostly it is set out in the Family Law Act, the Property Law Act, Child Support Acts and the Family Violence Protection Act.  We provide all our clients with the four most important pages of legislation.  Better though we can narrow the issues tell you where you stand after one proper consultation.

Years of experience specialising as just family lawyers helps us help you.  After one consultation we can tell you:

    Your likely range of financial outcomes

    The likely children's arrangements

    How we will get from now to this matter being over

    What to do in the next day, week or month

    Our tactics and how you can help yourself

    What are the key issues in your situation

    Whether we recommend mediation, negotiation, letters, action, inaction or court

    Estimate the costs for an optimistic, likely and worst case resolution

Obligation free first consultation. 

Call Paige, Lisa, Robert and Chris on 1800 420 040 or 9793 7888 during business hours to determine your eligibility to 20, 30 or 45 minutes obligation free.  Often we can then arrange to have you pay most of your expenses from the final settlement we get for you.  No free second opinions please, genuine and serious enquiries only thanks.  If your matter is complicated and will need more than your obligation free entitlement, dont worry. We will still apply the same discount to you, but you may be wise to be prepared to pay a retainer to make sure all the questions above are answered at your first extensive consultation.

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