Family Law Separation & New Year Resolutions

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” right? Well, it would certainly depend on who you ask. If that person was a family lawyer, they would likely tell you the opposite unfortunately. The Christmas season is full of immense pressure on families both socially and financially, which makes it no surprise that this period

Is court needed for children’s matters if we agree?

As usual with questions of law, it is the standard answer of ‘it depends’. But put simply, the answer is no in terms of strict necessity. Australia’s use of non-adversarial dispute resolution for children’s matters has been trending for decades because of its preservation of familial relationships, its timeliness and cost efficiency. However, outside of

Can I put a caveat on the house?

As lawyers, we are often asked: should I lodge a caveat against the family home and other investment properties? Alternatively, a frustrated home owner will contact us to say their former partner has lodged a caveat against their property without their knowledge. This article explores the common bases upon which a person may lodge a

Can my child be court-ordered to get vaccinated?

In light of topical debate concerning mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia made an important decision concerning the Court’s authority to make an order that a child be vaccinated, in cases where parents disagree. In Covington & Covington [2021] HCASL 179, the High Court confirmed the correctness of the