Why you need a Will

You are not too young to have a Will drawn up. Death can come at any point and whilst you hope that it's many years away, the truth of the matter is that there's a fair amount of luck involved. One thing that you can control, however, is your decision to be as prepared as

Am I a victim of family violence?

Family violence affects many people and can happen in several ways; some may not even be considered as legally criminal. The Law Council of Australia has recently released a model which tries to easily define the types of violent acts that will constitute as “family violence” as well as extending who may be classified as

How to help a friend going through a separation

Many know someone who has been through a separation and looking at the stats, many have experienced it for themselves. Separation from a significant partner is a lifechanging event. Unfortunately, it can also be a life-ending event in extreme circumstances. Such a challenging period comes with strong emotions such as grief and loss, fear and

Do you need a lawyer for mediation?

Do you need a lawyer for a mediation? The fact that you are reading our answer to this question suggests that you are thinking about resolving your family law issues amicably and through discussion. We commend you for this. Unlike a lawyer, a mediator won't tell you whether the deal you are making is in

Moving with your kids interstate after separation

Considering moving with your kids interstate after separation? Can you do it? The short answer is yes, you can. However, if you decide to leave straight away without talking it through with your ex, chances are high that you will be served with a Court application for recovery orders. If you’re thinking about relocating with

Who gets the pet in a divorce?

Who gets the pet in a divorce? There is no question that for animal lovers (this writer included) pets have become an integral part of the family. We are seeing more and more clients who want to know what will happen to the family pet after divorce. What does the law say? There is no

Do you need proof of cheating for divorce?

Finding out about a spouse's infidelity can be devastating and often marriage-ending. Do you need proof of cheating for divorce? No. Since 1975, divorces in Australia have been granted on a ‘no fault’ basis. This means that the party making the application does not need to prove ‘fault’ on the part of the other party. Under the no fault

What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

What is an Independent Children's Lawyer ("ICL")? They are a lawyer appointed by the Court to help determine a child's best interests. ICLs are experienced family lawyers who have completed the national ICL accreditation program. Their fees are usually met in the first instance by Victoria Legal Aid, but parties are often requested to make