How to know that you have a good family lawyer

Going through a separation or divorce, arriving at an amicable parenting arrangement with an ex or sorting out a will are often emotional experiences that can take a heavy toll on any person. You need someone appropriate to help you. Keep reading to see how to know that you have a good family lawyer.

Having a good family lawyer to support you through difficult times like these is essential. Whether you already have a family lawyer or are looking for one, this will help.

What are the characteristics of a good family lawyer?

Here are some of the characteristics that you should look for when you’re seeking out the advice and support of a good family lawyer:

  1. Specialised in family law

Find a family lawyer with extensive experience in your type of matter. So, if you’re preparing to divorce and want to finalise your financial situation, hire a family lawyer who specialises in property settlements.

  1. They have good reviews

A good way to gauge whether a family lawyer knows their stuff is to check their past clients’ reviews. You’ll be able to do this for most firms and lawyers on Google, and a lot of lawyers provide testimonials on their websites as well.

  1. They charge reasonable fees and have no hidden expenses

Going through a separation can be difficult. And most of the time, it can be expensive as well. It’s important, however, that when you hire a family lawyer, you don’t automatically opt for the one with a lower rate.

A lawyer with a higher rate may have more experience and will be able to finalise proceedings for you faster. So, a more expensive lawyer may end up costing you less than a cheaper lawyer that may need more time to prepare with you and undertake proceedings.

Try to find the lawyer with the best rate that you can afford and talk to them about their fees and how they charge so that you don’t end up with any hidden costs later. Good family lawyers are upfront with their fees and billing practices.

  1. They are accessible

You need a family lawyer that is going to be accessible and attentive to you. That means they will answer your calls and emails promptly, will get back to you on urgent matters and will make you feel that they understand the specifics of your case.

  1. They give you peace of mind

You’re going to be consulting with your lawyer on a regular basis if you’re going through a divorce or parenting battle. So, it’s essential that you feel comfortable talking to your lawyer and feel like they’re someone you can trust.

Signs that a lawyer may not be right for you

Now that you know what to look for in a family lawyer, we’ve prepared a list of red flags that you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Your lawyer does not answer you calls or emails for days on end;
  2. During your consultation time, the family lawyer answers emails or take calls from other clients;
  3. Your family lawyer discusses the details of their other clients’ cases;
  4. You don’t feel comfortable or at ease with them; and
  5. The firm’s billing practices make you feel uncomfortable, and you suspect they may be unethical.

Going through a murky divorce or parenting settlement is difficult enough, without having to stress about a lawyer you’re not comfortable with. If your family lawyer is exhibiting any of the above red flags or you simply don’t feel at ease having them handle your case, it may be better to find another one.

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